2020 Is Almost Here – Make Some Noise!

Lynda LaugavitzCrafts, Kid's Crafts

2020 ring it in

Your Kids Will Love Ringing in the New Year with These Fun Noisemakers!

Enjoy making these fun noisemaker projects with your children as 2019 draws to a close. They will have so much fun creating these projects to ring in 2020. Bonus for you: You’ll keep them busy and off the electronics for a bit of their holiday break from school!

During our weekly summer Kid’s Crafts in 2017, we made these Spin Drum Noisemakers. They’ll be just as fun to use on New Year’s Eve as they were for 4th of July parades. If you can’t locate decorative straws, a dowel or pencil will work, too!

funky noisemaker

We were in a noise making mood during our 2014 Summer Kid’s Crafts, too. This Funky Noisemaker is just as fun as the spin drum to make – but the noise it makes it more like a rattle. You might appreciate it more than the spin drum!

Wishing you & your family a creative 2020!