A Garden of Enchantment…created for the fairies by you!

Lynda LaugavitzFloral

A Fairy Song

Soft moss a downy pillow makes,
and green leaves spread a tent,

Where Faerie fold may rest and sleep
until their night is spent.

The bluebird sings a lullaby,
the firefly gives a light,

The twinkling stars are candles bright,
Sleep, Faeries all, Good Night.

~Elizabeth T. Dillingham

Spring appears to be here to stay and our green thumbs are ready to make something grow! This year, you might want to add a garden for the fairies in a quiet corner of your garden. Fairies are thought to bring health, happiness and blessings to those who believe in them. They are shy creatures who dance among the flowers under the light of the moon. Whether you believe in these tiny creatures or not, you can have great fun making a lodging for them to call home.

Fairy Gardening is a great project to share with children to stretch their creativity and expand imaginations, but there are many adults who enjoy the process as much or more than the children! Fairy gardens can be made with found items and added to over the years to become one of a kind decorations in the flower bed.  An outdoor Fairy Garden looks delightful with lush miniature plants, while an indoor Fairy Garden can be just as lovely using silk and moss counterparts.

Getting started with your Fairy Garden is easy! We have kits, supplies and ideas available for you to create the Fairy Garden of your dreams. Take a peek at the Fairy Garden ideas we’ve added to our Floral Board on Pinterest, then stop in the store and visit our Floral department for miniature furniture, tools, birds, butterflies, plants and everything you might need to create a fairy palace. We think you’ll be enchanted…we are!