Help Us Color Oconomowoc for the 2017 Yarn Gala

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Yarn Gala

Ben Franklin Knitters & Crocheters

We Need YOUR Help!

WE NEED YOUR HELP to dress the trees at City Beach and Bender Beach with colorful yarn swimwear for this year’s Yarn Gala! Also needed are 48″ x 16″ rectangles for yarn bombing sign posts and small trees. Sign up yourself or a group – we need your finished pieces by August 1st, please & thanks.

Please let us know how you’ll be helping by filling out this form.

Please join us on Tuesday evenings through August 1st from 6-8pm for open knit/crochet time to get those projects DONE!

Watch this video to see the trees we’ll be yarn bombing.

Attention Yarn  Artists!

The Yarn Gala team is looking for knitters, loomers and crocheters to craft projects to color our downtown area!

  • If you enjoyed creating and viewing the Yarn Extravaganza projects that were displayed around the Oconomowoc area last August and September, you’ll be excited to know that it’s time to get started on this year’s event.
  • If you weren’t involved last year, but would love to be part of a whimsical, festive fund raiser for the Lake Area Free Clinic, your help is needed, too!
  • This year’s Yarn Gala is expanding to incorporate more than the downtown area so your help is needed to create these magnificent pieces of yarn art.
  • Last year, through the help of yarn artists, yarn installers and donors, over $10,000 was raised for the Lake Area Free Clinic! Thanks to all of you that helped last year, and we’re looking forward to welcoming those of you who will join us this year!

The Yarn Gala Team:

yarn gala organizers

Liz and Julie are once again bravely leading this monumental effort! You may volunteer or send questions directly to them at, or call/text Liz at (262) 893-9304 or Julie at (262) 366-7387.

Ready to dive in? Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Yarn Gala to Color Oconomowoc will again be held in August.
  • Yarn projects will be put up the weekend of August 11-12-13, a week before the Art Festival.
  • Some of last year’s projects will be re-purposed, but with the project’s expansion, there are a lot of new projects available.
  • Ben Franklin will once again offer a 20% discount on Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for use in these projects. Please check out at the Customer Service Desk in the back of the store to receive this discount.
  • Look for Yarn Gala on Facebook. Like, follow and share with your friends and family! Many pictures from last year’s event are posted on this Facebook page.

Fundraising info:

  • The Yarn Gala team is also looking for organizations, businesses and people to sponsor these beautiful creations!
  • If you decide to create a project for this event and know of someone who would like to sponsor you, please get in touch with them and see if they have any special requests for your project.
  • All funds raised for this event are donated to the Lake Area Free Clinic to further their outreach in the community.