DIY Spooky Eyes

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diy spooky eyes

This Halloween spooky eyes decoration is easy and inexpensive to make! Download the provided files, gather your supplies and you’ll have a bunch of spooky creativity made in no time.

When Halloween arrives, break a glow stick and adhere it to the adhesive on the inside of each tube. Put your spooky eyes in a window or a bush outdoors for a spoo-ooky decoration. You’ll see the glow of the light up eyes, and the paper tube will fade into the darkness.

spooky eyes

You’ll need these supplies:

Project Directions:

  1. Print base pattern on dark cardstock, cut apart on dark middle line.
  2. Print eye template on light cardstock. Cut a rectangle around the eyes you plan to use.
  3. Scribble pencil lead over the back side of printed eyes. Lay the eyes in the middle of the base labeled “Trace eye template in this section.” Firmly trace the eye outlines with the pencil to transfer the scribbled lead to the base.
  4. Carefully cut out the eyes. Tip: carefully poke the pencil tip through the center of the eyes to make a hole first.
  5. Fold the paper along the two bottom lines. To make folding easier, place the ruler or straight edge along each line and score firmly with the pencil.
  6. Place a strip of double sided tape along the bottom edge of the tube marked “XXXXX…” and another strip of approximately 2″ above the eyes on the spot marked “XXXXX.”
  7. Remove the paper backing from the shorter section of double stick tape. You will press the glow stick to this area when you’re ready to use the decoration.
  8. Curve the remaining paper around so it meets up with the first fold. Remove paper from double stick adhesive and press in place.
  9. When you’re ready to use your Spooky Eyes, bend the glow stick to activate and stick it in place to the adhesive behind the eyes.