Get Slimed!

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get slimed - make slime with Ben Franklin Crafts

Crafty Kids are Making Slime and Loving It!

Looking for slime recipes? Just scroll on down to the bottom of this post.

There’s a whole lot of sliming going on!! We can tell by the amount of glue we sell! We’ve put together a slime display in our Art/Stationary department with all of the glue, recipes, containers and more you’ll need to get in on this kid’s craft craze at home. Want to take your slime making to the next level? Pick up a pack of magnetic iron oxide at our registers or Customer Service department. Pair your magnetic slime with magnets and you’ll have hours worth of entertainment!

There are so many different kinds of slime you can make. Do an internet search and you will be amazed. As you are choosing your recipe, review it carefully to be sure there are no ingredients that could cause allergies or other reactions for your child. Recipes which require borax are not recommended, but there are many others which yield similar results. Pick up a recipe flyer at our slime display or download a copy here.