NEW! Oh So Crafty Projects with Shannen O from FM106.1

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Oh So Crafty Wallhanging

February 2018

Malabrigo yarn turns everything you use it for into a work of art!

Shannen and malabrigo wall hanging

Shannen has done it again with a wall hanging made from some of the beautiful Malabrigo yarns we carry. For this trendy project, she combined Caracol, Mecha and Worsted into a fun, rustic art piece that she’ll be proud to hang in her home. Be sure to check out the surprise “angle” she adds at the end of the video! Love Shannen’s idea? Love Malabrigo yarn? Stop and share a little of that love over on Ridder, Scott & Shannen’s blog!

January 2018

Shannen O FM106.1We’re excited to share something “NEW” for 2018! Shannen O from FM106.1 will be posting a new “Oh So Crafty” video each month showcasing products she’s found at Ben Franklin Crafts. Check out this month’s project – the pattern and directions are also on her blog so you can have fun making your own Valentine’s Day Pocket. Be sure to leave Shannen some love in the comments section of her blog.

Special Note – we need to send a big “thank you” to our dear customer, Harriet S. for sharing the idea for this month’s fun project!