Staycation Crafts for Kids: Sand Art Photo Holder

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Staycation Crafts for Kids - Sand Art Photo Holder

Staycation Crafts for Kids – Week 7

sand art

Layer colored sand in a decorative glass bottle and add a holder to show off a photo of a favorite summer activity. Sand art is a craft that both kids and adults can have fun with.

Sand art is always a favorite for kids AND adults! The simple process of layering sand leads to beautiful, often unexpected results. Once again, our crafty kids did not disappoint, demonstrating so much concentration as they carefully created their masterpieces. The down side of sand can be the mess. We were very pleasantly surprised with the lack of mess created today. Here’s what we did to keep things rolling smoothly and mess free:

  1. Covered the tables with sheets of newsprint.
  2. Put each sand color in its own bowl with a spoon on a central supply table.
  3. Provide kids with recycled fruit cups to get their sand from the supply table to their work space. They have 2 hands, so they each could get 2 colors at a time. Worked great!
  4. Demonstrated how they only needed a spoonful or two of sand at a time to create the layers in their container.
  5. Each child had an aluminum roasting pan at their work space to hold their glass container as they filled it. We found packs of these pans at the dollar store and have used them countless times to contain suppl for our crafts. Definitely a worthwhile investment.

You will need the following items to make this Staycation project – available at Ben Franklin Crafts!

  • Glass bottle with cork
  • Colored sand – multiple colors
  • Darice Home for the Holidays 6″ Silver Card Holder #2480-07
  • E6000 Glue (optional)
  • Scrap of ribbon or jute
  • Tape (we used scraps of duct tape)

You will also need:

  • Paper funnel pattern-download pattern and view directions at
  • Bowls to hold sand
  • Small containers to transfer sand from bowls to work space
  • Wooden skewers
  • Paper or plastic covering for work space

How to make your funnel:

funnel for sand art project

How to create your sand art:

how to make sand art photo holders

Finishing up:

  • Fill the bottle until there’s just enough room for the cork to fit.
  • Put a couple drops of E6000 glue on the inside rim of the bottle.
  • Firmly insert the cork.
  • Poke a card holder through the cork to the desired height.
  • Tie a piece of ribbon or jute to the neck of the bottle or bottom of the card holder.

We would love to see a picture of your finished Sand Art Photo Holder! Upload it to our Facebook page.

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