Summer Crafts 4 Kids Tutorial: Christmas in July – Sew a Tree

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christmas in july sew a tree tutorial

Sew, stuff and decorate a felt Christmas tree to hang on your family’s Christmas tree. The holiday will be here in only 5 months!

Crafting this Christmas in July project achieves two goals. First, it makes a very sweet handmade Christmas ornament – created by your child’s hands. Secondly, it introduces hand sewing in an easy to master process. We’re always so pleased to share handwork skills with children in this age of technology and instant access!


You will need the following items to make this Summer Crafts 4 Kids project – available at Ben Franklin Crafts!

Important: items marked with * should only be used by adults.

  • Green felt and scraps of black or brown felt
  • Tapestry or yarn needle
  • Yarn or baker’s twine
  • Buttons
  • Fiberfil
  • Glue or glue dots
  • Scissors
  • *Rotary cutter with perforating blade
  • *Self healing cutting mat
  • * Ruler guide for rotary cutter
  • Pattern – download from our website
  • Pencil


sew a christmas tree pattern

Download and print the pattern we’ve provided. Cut out the pattern and lay it on a stack of 2 felt pieces. Trace the pattern and cut out.

perforating rotary cutting blade

Keeping the felt in a stack, position the ruler 1/2″ from one of the triangle sides and run the perforating blade through both layers. Repeat on each side.

  • Cut a piece of yarn about 36″ long and thread through the needle. Tie a knot in one end.
  • Starting between the layers, push the needle through a hole on the bottom layer.
  • Bring the needle to the top of the stack and push it down through both layers. Repeat around the triangle, leaving a small hole for stuffing at the bottom. Put two stitches in each corner hole to move to the next side.
  • Lightly stuff with fiberfil, then finish closing the hole.
  • Glue a rectangle of dark felt to the bottom for a trunk.
  • Glue assorted buttons to the front of the tree.
  • Add a loop of yarn at the top to hang the ornament.
  • Tie a bow at the top of tree, over the hanging loop.

A few of our finished trees…

finished christmas trees

We would love to see a picture of your finished project! Upload to our Facebook page.

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