Summer Crafts 4 Kids Tutorial: PB&J Squishies

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summer crafts for kids tutorial: pb&j squishies

Squeezing a squishy is so satisfying – and now you can make your own. You’ll shape & paint a piece of memory foam into a slice of peanut butter OR jelly toast – the choice is yours!

Kids everywhere have taken up squeezing. Whether it’s slime, putty, or squishies, they describe it as “satisfying” and are always on the look out for the next great thing to squeeze. This DIY squishy project keeps the kids busy, satisfies their desire to “squeeze” and saves $$ spent on ready made squishy toys.

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You will need the following items to make this Summer Crafts 4 Kids project – available at Ben Franklin Crafts!

  • Poly-fil Squishy Foam (1 package makes 2 squishies)
  • Acrylic paint: tan and ivory
  • Scribbles paint: Shiny black and pink, Crystal Gel orange, pink or purple for “jelly” and/or Iridescent golden brown for “peanut butter”
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Flat wooden picks
  • Scissors
  • Pen or marker
  • Free squishy “bread” template: download here

You will also need:

  • Paper to cover your workspace
  • Wax paper or clear plastic sheet
  • Small cups to hold paint
  • Electric knife
pb&j squishy thumbnail

Click here to download this bread template. Print on heavyweight paper and cut out carefully.

squishy foam package

This step requires an adult: use an electric knife to cut the foam in half, resulting in two squares.

pb&j squishies template

Lay the template on the foam and trace around the top and side edges.

cutting foam shape

Shape the foam to look like bread by making small cuts along the line you traced

trim foam edges

Round the corners and sides of the foam by trimming off a very small strip. It helps to hold the scissors parallel to the foam.

painting squishy foam

Paint the top and bottom flat sides of the foam with ivory acrylic paint

Next, paint the sides of the “bread” with tan paint. It looks nice to bring the tan paint a little bit over the edge of the ivory paint.

painting foam

Lay the foam on a piece of waxed paper or plastic so the back side doesn’t stick. Using a jelly or peanut butter color, squeeze a generous amount of Scribbles paint onto the bread. Use a flat wooden pick to carefully spread the paint around.

Use black and pink Scribbles paint to add facial features. If you want, dip a wooden pick in the ivory paint to add little eye highlights.

Let your squishy dry on the waxed paper or plastic for 24 hours, then turn it over and let it dry for 24 more hours. It’s worth the wait to play with this fun toy you made yourself!

fun pb&J squishy faces
Some of the super cute faces painted by kid crafters at our PB&J Squishy Day

We would love to see a picture of your finished project! Upload to our Facebook page.

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