Summer Crafts 4 Kids Tutorial: Pencil Bag

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pencil bag tutorial

Decorate a one-of-a-kind fabric bag for your pencils. You’ll use a special watercolor pencil that becomes permanent when you add water. Get ready to ooh and aah with this cool technique!

The idea for this fun project came from artist Pattie Kelley-Fuller. She uses Derwent Inktense pencils on canvas items to create beautiful & functional works of art. The pigment ink in these pencils becomes permanent when water is applied and the technique is easy enough for children to use successfully!


You will need the following items to make this Summer Crafts 4 Kids project – available at Ben Franklin Crafts!

  • Canvas pencil bag with printed design (available by the canvas bags & aprons)
  • Derwent Inktense pencils in your choice of colors (these are sold individually or in a 12 pack in our Art department)
  • Soft paint brush

You will also need these items

  • Water
  • Water container
  • Paper towel
  • Cardboard – cut to size of pencil bag and inserted inside before starting


derwent inktense pencils

Choose the colors you will use for your design. It can be easier to complete all sections of the same color before moving on to the next color.

color on pencil bag

Scribble color into an area. Pressing lightly gives you a lighter color and pressing firmly give you a more intense, version of the same color.

water on pencil bag

Dip paintbrush in water, then tap off the excess water on the paper towel. Stroke the paintbrush across an area that has been colored. Its so fun to watch the color “melt” and fill the space!

complete pencil bag

Continue to add color and water to the front of the bag, then turn it over and complete the back. It looks really nice to leave some white spaces, too!

It can be tricky to keep the sides of the zipper white. You can always use one of the pencils to color the zipper sides for a little extra pizzazz.

A few of our finished pencil cases…

pencil bags and kids

We would love to see a picture of your finished project! Upload to our Facebook page.

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