What Are Twiddle Muffs?

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twiddle muff

Have you ever seen a Twiddle Muff?

twiddle muff collage

We’re encouraging knitters and crocheters of all ages to join us in a NEW opportunity to use their craft for the benefit of others – making Twiddle Muffs! 

Emilee High, Volunteer Coordinator at Heartland Hospice shared this unique activity for individuals experiencing Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Twiddle muffs can be knitted or crocheted and incorporate accessories which the user can “twiddle,” helping reduce restlessness and agitation. Bring your finished Twiddle Muffs to the store and we will get them to Emilee to share with individuals who can use them. Here are some resources to get you started:

YouTube Playlists:

Twiddle Muff How-To’s

Twiddle Muff Add-Ons

FREE Patterns on Ravelry:

Crochet – Lou’s Simple Twiddle Muff  |  For Phylis Twiddle Muffs

Knit – Dementia Friends (UK) Twiddle Muff  |  Bolton NHS (UK) Twiddle Muff

Our Pinterest Twiddle Muff Board:

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