We Collected 129 Blue Hats!

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Supporting Lion Brand in their campaign against bullying.

Can you guess how many hats our customers and employees created for #HATNOTHATE?

Posted by Ben Franklin Crafts on Monday, July 22, 2019
We’re thrilled with the number of hats created by our customers & employees!


The #HatNotHate campaign is a “craftivist” movement launched by Lion Brand Yarns in 2018 to increase awareness of the impact bullying has on children and teens.


Lion Brand encouraged knitters & crocheters from across the country to make, wear and post blue hats on social media with the hashtag #HATNOTHATE to take a stand against bullying.

  • The hats will be distributed to schools throughout the country for students to proudly wear at National Anti-Bullying Month activities in October.
  • Read more about the #HatNotHate campaign.